Kolinpharma PMI innovativa
KOLINPHARMA SpA, PMI innovadora.
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KOLINPHARMA S.p.A. is an Innovative SME that works in the growing nutraceutical market and it is specialised in R&D, made internally and in collaboration with the major Italian universities.

The Company's products are based on innovative and natural raw materials and have the purpose of supporting pharmacological treatments mainly for diseases in the orthopaedic-physiatric and gynaecological fields.

The Company promotes its own-branded products with a skilled sales network of 66 medical-scientific representatives (MSRs), that contact and build consolidated relationships with medical specialists.

Customers are represented by pharmaceutical wholesalers, that distribute KOLINPHARMA’s products to pharmacies and parapharmacies throughout Italy KOLINPHARMA has shown a rapid growth since its foundation in 2013 and closed 2018 with a turnover of 7.2 million and a margin of + 139% compared to 2017.

“El rigor de la ciencia, la consideración por las personas”
“El rigor de la ciencia, la consideración por las personas”