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Informationen für die aktionäre
Informationen für die aktionäre
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Shareholder N. ordinary shares % Share Capital
Rita Paola Petrelli 862.571 52,61%
Emanuele Lusenti 315.000 19,21%
Anna Laura Lanza 10.000 0,61%
Mercato 452.000 27,57%
TOTAL 1.639.571 100,00%

Kolinpharma S.p.A.

Share Capital:
The share capital is 1.639.571 Euro, represented by n. 1.459.571 ordinary shares.

Structure of the transaction: The share capital increase of the Issuer, payable and indivisible form for a maximum of Euro 4,999,999.00, including the premium, by issuing a maximum of n. 769,230 new registered ordinary shares with no par value, regular enjoyment, for admission, with the exclusion of option rights pursuant to and for the purposes of article 2441, paragraph 5, of the Italian Civil Code, approved by the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting of the Issuer on November 21st, 2017 and of the subsequent Shareholders' Meeting resolutions adopted on December 19th, 2017 and on February 1st, 2018. The shares placement originated from the capital increase apply to: (i) qualified Italian investors, defined by Art.. 34-ter of Regulation 11971; (ii) institutional international investors (to the exclusion of Australia, Canada, Japan and United States) and (iii) different subjects by those listed above (called retail investors), in all cases with conditions linked to the exemption from the obligations to public offer, defined by art. 100 of TUF and 34-ter of Regulation 11971.

Shareholders: Rita Paola Petrelli owns a 52.61% equity stake of share capital, with effect from the first trading day. Emanuele Lusenti owns a 19.21% equity stake of share capital with effect from the first trading day. Other shareholders own a 0.61% equity stake of share capital. The market owns a 27.57% equity stake of share capital.

Nomad e Global Coordinator:
EnVent Capital Markets Limited

Principal Advisers: Lombarda & Associati e Emintad Italy as a financial advisors, IR TOP Consulting for IPO equity research and Investor Relations

Specialist: Banca Akros Spa

Shareholders information requirements
It is pointed out that under Article 9 of the Statute, for the entire period in which the shares are admitted to negotiations on a multilateral negotiation system, the provisions for quoted companies by the TUF about communication obligations of major holdings, are applicable through voluntary recall because of compatible.

The shareholders who achieve, exceed or reduce under one of applicable pro tempore participation threshold, laid down in Issuer Regulation AIM about their participation in company share capital, are required to inform it. The Issuer Regulation AIM for major holdings defines the achievement, excess or the reduction under 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 50%, 66,6% e 90%.

The right to vote is suspended if it is about shares for which the communication obligations were not fulfilled. The Board of Directors may require information about shares to shareholders.

“Die Strenge der Wissenschaft, das Zuhören von den Personen”
“Die Strenge der Wissenschaft, das Zuhören von den Personen”