Producys compliance
Product validations
Well-being for all: a global idea.
Wellness is based on respecting each individual and listening to people concerns.

Regardless of the cultural and social profile, subjective conditions and disadvantages, everybody is important. For example, our supplements are deprived of gluten and sodium: they may be swallowed also by celiac and hypertensive people.
“Our products validations
are our attention guarantee”
ISo 22000
It guarantees products suitability about food rules linked to Jewish faith, confirming higher qualitative standards.
ISo 22000
It protects the compliance with the Islamic culture and it ratifies the substances, supply chain and product quality
ISo 22000
Milk Free
It guarantees the total absence of milk protein.
Milk free
ISo 9001
It ensures the absence of substances and/or ingredients belonging to the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency)
Doping Free
ISo 22000
Eccellenza di Casa Savoia
It guarantees that our products are the result of a deep research, materials and industrial processes, made in Italy.
Eccellenza di casa savoia
Gluten free
Our supplements do not have gluten and sodium: our product can be swallowed by celiac and hypertensive.
Gluten Free
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