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Sustainability report
Dear readers,
For the first time, KOLINPHARMA® is proud to present the Sustainability Report, a document which illustrates Company’s values, aims, activities, impacts and results towards our stakeholders and readers, about ESG contents.
“We want to be the driving force of sustainability and innovation in research and development of new increasingly advanced products, as well as in all the activities and functions that could have an importance in social and environmental issues.”
We are always feeling strongly responsible towards our wide audience of patients-consumers and deeply involved in, because we are a Company who “makes health”. All in KOLINPHARMA®, both the scientific representatives and all the business functions take care of their performances.

In this process, which led us to “the writing” of the first Sustainability Report, we decided to illustrate our values and aims, based on the sustainability indicators established by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by UN (United Nations), in order to begin our course in an authoritative way.
“Ethics has been and will be the foundation of our future and reputation.”
This year, once again, we have been able to deal with and overcome many important challenges, thanks to which, KOLINPHARMA® has grown as a competent, specialized, responsible, reliable, and innovative Company on the Italian marketplace.

We still have a lot to do, the challenges are written in our story, in our DNA, every day we start from here to build our future.
“Our values induce motivation, passion, emotion and sense of community. Excellence, our distinctive characteristic.”
The Global goals for sustainable development

Sustainable Development Goals guide and support the KOLINPHARMA® priority of choice, focused on policy, strategies and actions to create value.

Ratified by UN, they represent the common aims about important matters for the development: fight poverty, against world hunger, combat climate change, to mention just a few.

A document which illustrates Company’s values, aims, activities, impact and results towards our stakeholders and readers, about ESG contents.
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“Science accuracy and listen to people”
“Science accuracy and listen to people”