La nostra Mission
Ethical code
Share values.
Dear all,

KOLINPHARMA does not want to be only a nutraceutical company but also an innovative model for social relations.
It wants to be a proactive reality and a carrier of knowledge, especially for who works in health world, looking also at all subjects who want to receive the right professionalism.

Integrity and respect are two of our main values, based on company culture. These are fundamental for our business and they are in our Code of Ethics. Our Ethic is essential into the company and outside. Never forget!

All people in our company have to demonstrate to have these values, acting in a neutral way in relations with partners, colleagues, customers, suppliers, consumers or professionals.
Doctors, patients and pharmacists must trust us, thanks to our ethical attitude and because our principles are worthy and transparent, especially in the bond with them.
The security and the proper use of products give more value to our integrity and morality.
This Code of Ethics is our reference framework. I know that I can count on KOLINPHARMA members, because they will always respect our Code of Ethics and they will ensure its respect from the other people. This will happen, sharing the company ethics, that is the base of our future and reputation.

Lainate, marzo 2016

Kolinpharma S.p.A.
“Science accuracy and listen to people”
“Science accuracy and listen to people”