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KOLINPHARMA® expands its product portfolio with IVUXUR® TABLETS.

KOLINPHARMA® S.p.A. presents the new product IVUXUR® TABLETS, which is added to the other 9 patented or patent pending products, already present in the portfolio.

The new product, formulated in the innovative three-layer tablet form, is a food supplement containing substances useful for the urinary tract well-being. 

This novelty is the result of a technological and development path successfully conducted by the internal Research and Development department, and it will complement IVUXUR® sachets to reach a new target of patients and expand the commercial offer on the reference market.


With the commercial introduction of this new product, KOLINPHARMA® concretely confirms its commitment to support the well-being of patient-consumers, always alongside the specialist doctor with technologically advanced formulations.

Rita Paola Petrelli, president of KOLINPHARMA®, comments: “What distinguishes Kolinpharma® is the continuous research of innovation and development in the field of nutraceuticals. Since its foundation, we have placed R&D investments at the center, believing in the strength and commitment of our researchers and collaborating with the academic world [...]. Our goal is to continue to innovate by continuing the climb in the ranking of nutraceutical companies ".

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“Science accuracy and listen to people”
“Science accuracy and listen to people”